Amazing 12 Coach Interview – Mike & Brett Charleston Kettlebell Club SC USA

This week we meet Mike Fickling A12, SFG 1, SFL, SFB and Brett Bracken MSc, ACSM, A12, SFG 2, SFL, GFM-1, the co-owners of Charleston Kettlebell Club in SC USA. Mike and Brett’s gym model is a combination of one-on-one personal training and small group classes for things like StrongFirst Kettlebells by Pavel Tsatsouline (as both men are SFG (StrongFirst Girya) Certified). They also provide general and specific Strength & Conditioning sessions. Brett has a Masters degree in Health, Exercise and Sports Science and is an ACSM Exercise Physiologist, plus both guys have trained under Paul Chek in the past.

Watch the video and hear what these vastly experienced coaches had to say about the value, depth and breadth of the information, the quality of the programming, the return on investment and the results of the A12! Listen to how these top strength professionals feel the Amazing 12 Online Certification stacks up verses all the other top quality strength education they’ve received over the years AND find out the outcome of the scientific TESTING they did on the results of the program itself!

What testing I hear you cry? Well, Sports Scientist Brett wanted proof positive of the EXACT metric improvements that the A12 program was capable of producing in 12 weeks with individuals of various levels of advancement as determined by a host of scientific measures including DEXA Scans, 1RM Testing, VO2 Max Testing and more!

When people see and hear about the incredibly holistic gains associated with the Amazing 12 Program what they don’t realise is that the A12 is NOT a body transformation program that happens to produce significant strength & conditioning gains…

…it’s a Strength & Conditioning program that produces AMAZING physique transformations BECAUSE it produces EXTREME gains in both strength & conditioning!

Make sure you’re sitting down before you listen to the test results!