Amazing 12 Client Interview – David Stowers

Meet David Stowers, a typical man who found himself in a typical situation, one that’s all too familiar to many. David was a self employed entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast doing well professionally and in decent shape. Then he got married and before too he was a self employed entrepreneur with a wife, 2 kids in quick succession, 2 dogs, a mortgage and a new car!

On top of this David’s office got flooded and the damage done meant that he needed to get workmen in to fix things up. The problem was that the damp and the dust that he was forced to work around whilst at the office was massively exacerbating his lifelong struggle against severe asthma. Pretty soon, as a result of this ‘Perfect Storm’ of events, David found himself in the worst shape of his life and needing to once again prioritise his own health, but not just for himself, for his family as well!

David is a great Dad, but in this new out of shape body he couldn’t be the kind of father he wanted to be, the kind of father he felt his kids deserve to have in their corner. David’s kids love playing with their Dad and he loves playing with them too, but he began to tire very quickly and it ended up that he couldn’t tolerate more than a few minutes at a time playing with his kids before he felt his lack of physical condition negatively impacting him to the point where he had to stop.

Watch the video and learn what happened when, with the help of the Amazing 12 Program and a good A12 coach, David finally decided to once again take the wheel and bring the outcome of his fitness back into his own hands!

Plus, you’ll see the results of his transformation AND the clinical results of a wide battery of tests that were done with him both pre and post A12 program…you’ll be amazed!

Even David’s doctor couldn’t believe it… “I expected half these results in twice this time period!”