Paul McIlroy on The Fitness Business Life Podcast


Paul recently caught up with his long time friend Michael John Lennon on the Fitness Business Life podcast for an in depth conversation about Paul’s childhood, education, and career as a strength coach.
In this full episode Paul covers:
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone: The Secret to Unleashing Incredible Strength
  • Journey – From Combat Sports to Entrepreneurship
  • Growing Up Amidst Conflict – Witnessing Violence as a Child
  • From Poverty to Success
  • The Influence of Fatherly Nudges on Academic Drive – Growing Up in West Belfast
  • Unlock Your Superhuman Strength – Cracking the Cheat Code for Maximum Performance
  • How to Deal with Haters and Critics in Your Journey to Success
  • What are the effects of micro desensitization?
  • Is strength training the key to building a powerful physique?
  • Unlocking the Math of Nature – The Fascinating Fibonacci Sequence
  • Unlocking the Secrets – Overcoming Sticking Points and Embracing Success
  • Are We Humans Having a Spiritual Experience or Are We Spirits Having a Human Experience
Paul Mcllroy
Paul is a renowned strength athlete, and creator of The Amazing 12 Program. He has competed at international level in 3 different sports - boxing, power lifting, and kettlebell lifting. As a coach, Paul has trained 5 world champions, as well as innumerable national champions in a variety of different sports. He also holds: BSc in Sports Science, CSCS (NSCA), RKC 2, SFG 2.