Video 1 Bench Press Series – One simple move to increase size, strength & safety


We’ve all been asked the immortal question “What do ya bench?”. As irrelevant as the answer might be, the truth is secretly we’d all like to answer back with a bigger number than our current strength could boast. In this 5-part series A12 Creator Paul McIlroy presents a number of technique interventions designed to individually increase the safety, strength and mass building potential of your bench TODAY.

Paul Mcllroy
Paul is a renowned strength athlete, and creator of The Amazing 12 Program. He has competed at international level in 3 different sports - boxing, power lifting, and kettlebell lifting. As a coach, Paul has trained 5 world champions, as well as innumerable national champions in a variety of different sports. He also holds: BSc in Sports Science, CSCS (NSCA), RKC 2, SFG 2.