Video 4 Bench Press Series – Optimising setup & leg drive for a bigger bench


We’ve all been asked the immortal question “What do ya bench?”. As irrelevant as the answer might be, the truth is secretly we’d all like to answer back with a bigger number than our current strength could boast. In this 5-part series A12 Creator Paul McIlroy presents a number of technique interventions designed to individually increase the safety, strength and mass building potential of your bench TODAY.

Paul Mcllroy
Paul is a renowned strength athlete, and creator of The Amazing 12 Program. He has competed at international level in 3 different sports - boxing, power lifting, and kettlebell lifting. As a coach, Paul has trained 5 world champions, as well as innumerable national champions in a variety of different sports. He also holds: BSc in Sports Science, CSCS (NSCA), RKC 2, SFG 2.