Choosing The Best Fitness Programs for Your Gym: (Part 3) Profound Progress


Another thing you’re going to need to look for, for me, to add layer to that again, is that the program you’re bringing onboard is not just aesthetically based.

Let’s say we’re talking about something that’s within the fitness industry, almost everything is geared towards some sort of aesthetic goal. Even if it’s dressed up differently, the main thing that drives it’s success is that people are going to end up looking better and feeling better as a result of doing it. That’s the one type of reoccurring theme in the fitness industry. But in order to have my stamp of approval it shouldn’t just be providing aesthetic gains. You should also be looking for performance gains. Real, profound, tangible, numeric performance improvement in strength numbers for all the main lifts and in cardiovascular performance, both aerobically and anaerobically as well.

Fitness, all the key components of fitness and strength, should be going up. Everything should be going up at least in proportion to the aesthetic change. And as I have discussed in other videos in the past, if you’re doing one really well, it’s impossible to do the other badly.

It’s impossible to create meaningful, profound, numeric improvement in all the components of physical performance without also producing profound aesthetic improvements in things like fat loss and muscle gain, i.e. how the body looks. But, it IS possible to lose a lot of fat while not making any performance gains and while actually getting weaker and less fit and less able. The bottom line is this, you can starve somebody to a six pack, but you can’t starve somebody to a 50% improvement in their one rep max, or a massive increase in their VO2 max. You can’t starve somebody to that. So you should be looking for programs that provide aesthetic change THROUGH providing meaningful performance improvements.

Okay, so let’s just get clear before we move any further. We’re looking for four things. We’ve mentioned four things so far and these are the four things that you should look for when trying to discern what program to add to your short list of high quality products and offerings for your clients.

1. Something that has a long history of success, the longer the better.

2. Something that produces a high quality of result consistently over that long history, ideally.

3. Something that has a long history of consistent success over and across many different demographics, different age groups, different genders, the whole deal.

4. Something that not only provides aesthetic improvement for the clients, but something that also consistently produces profound numeric improvement in all the different components of fitness. Strength, power, cardiovascular conditioning, et cetera, et cetera.

Those are the four things that you really want to hone in on when discerning what the best thing is to bring to your facility. Oh, and I’ll add a 5th thing to that.

5. Something that has a history of prolific success in a number of locations. The more the better.

So if we actually look at these FIVE things, we see a pattern that consistently repeats itself and can be seen as correlated or even synonymous with success in every business, no matter what the industry, and throughout life.