Choosing The Best Fitness Programs for Your Gym: (Part 5) 12 Week Transformations


We’ve established so far that we need to minimize the number of offerings and need to maximize the delivery of those offerings. We’ve established how to discern which are the best offerings to choose. We’ve also established that 12 week body transformations, when done correctly or when done optimally, fits the bill, so to speak, for what it is that we’re looking for in this regard, but how does something like a 12 week body transformation affect other offerings that you may already have? The other two strings or however many strings you’ve currently got to the particular bow that you’re wielding. When done correctly, I can tell you without doubt, unequivocally, that an optimal 12 week body transformation program is one of the most marketable things that you can possibly have and only affects the other things that you are currently succeeding with, or not succeeding with, in a positive way.

With the A12 we’ve had people coming in who weren’t succeeding in their other offerings, and not only did they succeed through offering the A12 individually, but the A12 also cross-pollinated and fed their other offerings and made them more successful as well, because what you’ve got here has a two pronged effect:

1. It’s something that’s really attractive in itself because it has this really long history of consistent success across many different demographics, over a long period of time, and in many locations around the word. So the certainty that it offers the client is something that’s very alluring, very attractive, simply because it’s legitimate and people can see and recognize legitimacy when they see it. That long track record of success after success after success begets more success and more trust. Therefore, it attracts a lot of people, it attracts clients quite effortlessly in that regard.

So your finding yourself training a bunch of new people for the first time, who are going to then go on to experience something very transformative and very profoundly positive, something that impacts their lives in a massively positive way. But also something that is finite. So at the end of those 12 weeks, they yearn to keep this feeling and this positivity going and going and going, and that’s the perfect insertion point for your other offerings to then take over and put person A here and person B here, or put them all towards this direction or that direction.

So we have found a very positive crossover from having the A12 for the first time in a new facility, a very positive crossover as a standalone and also a very positive crossover in terms of a populator of the other offerings that are currently working (or maybe not working, that then begins to work better because the very positive, now very transformed mentally, physically and the emotionally clients), graduates of the A12 program then want to go out and experience other things within your facility.

They don’t want the leave because this is the place where they were transformed. This is the place that they associate with that hugely positive period of their life. YOU are the person that they associate with that because people relate to people and YOU’RE the coach delivering the program, getting them the results. So whatever else it is that you’re doing, they trust that it will be high quality. They trust that your other offerings will also help them recreate this feeling of comradery and success and to be able to progress them forward in that positive vein and it’s way more likely that they will then be more open to participating in your other offerings after they’ve become an A12 graduate.

2. Then the second thing is that your current clients that you already had doing your other offerings prior to your becoming A12 certified, start to become attracted to doing the A12. So you’ve got new clients attracted to the A12, who then become very positive graduates who want and yearn and trust everything else that you’re associated with because you were the person that delivered this and they then want to go and try your other offerings. Then you’ve got people who are currently doing well on your other offerings that are either succeeding or not so much, who are then attracted towards this new beacon of positivity and incredible results.