Choosing The Best Fitness Programs for Your Gym: (Part 6) Do No Harm


I think it’s also important that whatever new thing you bring into your already existing, potentially already successful business, sort of slots in and slots out, connects and disconnects, without disturbing anything that’s already working. You shouldn’t have to necessarily bring something in that, as a prerequisite, requires you to change and rebrand your whole business, change your logo, put a different name over the door. It probably would help if it had the capacity to be scaled up to that point, if that’s something that you needed and or wanted one day, but it should be something that has levels and something ideally that slots in, adds to but doesn’t subtract from anything, doesn’t disturb anything and ultimately doesn’t do any harm. That should be one of the goals, to not do any harm, to not disturb anything and to add to everything.

That’s one of the things that we really have achieved with the A12 is to present a product that can either be your main source of revenue or something that can add to and enhance something that is already your main source of revenue without in any way distracting from it.

So just to recap and reiterate, how do you decide what to add to your business, what to offer to your fitness clients, your strength clients, the people who you train at your facility or who train at your facility. You want something that’s dependable, something that has a long track record of success. You want something that has a consistent track record over that long period of time. You want something that has a consistent track record over a long period of time, getting high quality results with a wide demographic of people.

You want something that produces big performance gains as well aesthetic changes, something that actually facilitates the aesthetic changes THROUGH the performance enhancements. You want something that has shown prolific success in many locations, the more the batter for the longer the better, and you want something that doesn’t disturb anything that’s already working.

Ideally you want something that adds to and enhances everything that’s already working and/or something which enhances things that maybe aren’t working so well right now. Something that slots right in, something that’s dependable, something that offers a degree of certainty, the higher the degree, the better, and something that delivers what your clients actually want. Remember, you want something that delivers what your CLIENTS want, not something that you want them to want.

These are the takeaway messages summarized, I hope you got something from this video.