Progress is BEST Made Without The Presence of Limits


Progress is best made without the presence of limits, because we don’t truly know what the limit of human potential actually is. We only know that when we break barriers more of us then break the same barrier. Roger Bannister and the mile. Whoever it was who first went under 10 seconds in the sprint. Andy Bolton, the £1000 deadlift.

All these things were seen as barriers that nobody could humanly break, and then when one person did it, five people did it, then 10 people did it and so on. This is a phenomenon that is consistent throughout recorded human history, thoughout every aspect of society. There’s always a flag bearer and then the floodgates open. Then it permeates the whole way through society and human beings raise their estimation on what the limit of human capacity actually is in general. It changes how we look at ourselves, or at least it should.

So, don’t put those limits on your training. They don’t exist. Everyone has superhuman potential, it’s just unlocking that conversation.