Paul McIlroy on The Mind Muscle Project Podcast


On this podcast Paul is a guest on one of Australia’s best fitness/strength & conditioning podcasts ‘The Mind Muscle Project’.

Despite the title of the podcast, the story of his rise from humble beginnings to becoming a champion athlete, trainer of world champions, and managing director of a global fitness business, is only a small part of the podcast.

What most of it is about is his views how to approach optimal programming for the improvement of physical qualities such as strength, muscular hypertrophy and endurance.

For the first time on a podcast he creeks open the window a little further than usual, and discusses in more detail the thought processes behind his methods, and even discuss some of the programmatic numbers involved.

If you’re an athlete or a strength coach then this is his most useful and interesting podcast to date (in future podcasts he’s only going to be upping the detail as well, so stay tuned).

He also touches on a wide variety of subjects including nutrition, boxing, family and his opinion on the Mayweather vs McGregor fight lol.

Paul is in great company with this podcast as these guy’s previous guests have been nothing short of a star studded ‘who’s who’ of the strength & conditioning hierarchy.

Previous guests have included:

Jim Wendler (Westside Barbell, 5,3,1 powerlifting system)

Dr. Andy Galpin (Dr. of bioenergetics, Joe Rogan Experience etc)

John Meadows (pro bodybuilder, ‘Mountain Dog’)

Eugene Teo (strength & conditioning specialist/YouTube sensation)

Dr. Mike Israetel (Renaissance Periodization, TED Talks etc)

Christian thibaudeau (author/strength coach)

Mark Bell (Westside Barbell, Super Training)

Chris Bell (Bigger, Stronger, Faster/ Prescription Thugs/ Trophy Kids)

Dr. Kelly Starrett (Mobility WOD, Becoming a Supple Leopard)

Matt Fraser (Multiple time CrossFit Games Winner)

Dr. Quinn Henoch (Juggernaut Training System)

Dr. Stuart McGill (Worlds premier spine specialist)

Brett Contreras (The Glute Guy)

Dr. John Berardi (CEO Precision Nutrition)

Jujimufu (YouTube sensation/powerlifter)

Eric Leija (ONNIT Academy Star)

Zach Even Esh (Underground Strength Gym)