Paul McIlroy: How I set TWO Kettlebell World Records!


On the 14th of December 2020, Paul McIlroy, creator of the Amazing 12 body transformation program & online coaching certification, set two separate World Records in the same feat.

Paul successfully pressed a 40kg KB for 40 consecutive reps with one arm, at 40 years old, with zero leg drive. In doing he created two world firsts:

1: The heaviest ever Kettlebell press for 40 consecutive reps with arm and no leg drive.

2: The highest percentage of bodyweight ever pressed overhead for 40 consecutive reps with one arm (50% bodyweight) and no leg drive. 

Paul also achieved this as a lifetime steroid free, middle aged man with very long arms, training part time from home during a global pandemic and quarantine lockdown. 

In this exclusive podcast, Paul discusses the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind achieving this insane feat of physical and mental strength, and the challenges behind training for it at home with a wife, 3 kids and global business to run and well as several other very personal challenges. 

But in this podcast, Paul and A12 Media Producer Dwayne Matthews discuss way more than just this world first.

You’ll learn about:

* Paul’s background as a strength & conditioning specialist, boxer, powerlifter, kettlebell lifter etc

* Growing up in a war zone

* Having savage street fights as a kid

* Combat sports and character development 

* Why there is no such thing as a ‘safe space’ unless everywhere is a safe space

* The nature of fear and the best martial arts for street defence

* What Paul’s up to next. 

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