Amazing 12 Coach Interview: Amanda Hudson (From 0 to $500,000 in 4 Years)!!

Before becoming A12 certified, Amanda Hudson was already a highly qualified personal trainer who was StrongFirst Certified under Pavel Tsatsouline, had great knowledge and a whole lot to offer perspective fitness clients. But knowledge doesn’t equal success, especially in the fitness industry unfortunately!

You can go ahead and continually improve your knowledge base as much as you want, and that’s great, but unless perspective clients view YOUR ability to give them what THEY truly want they WILL look elsewhere for it.

And what they want is to see real and profound transformational change in their physical form as quickly as possible and then to be able to go on to maintain this result as easily as possible…that’s it!

As a result Amanda DID struggle to show people her true value and ended up in a position most Personal Trainers find themselves in…jockeying for position at a local 24 Hour Fitness gym.

But the minute she became A12 certified all that changed forever!

With the Amazing 12 certification Amanda managed to kill two birds with one stone by VASTLY improving her knowledge and skill base while also giving herself THEE most commercial quality in existence…the ability to provide CERTAINTY of desired outcome in the minds of her clients.

These days she has other A12 coaches who work for her and together they regularly handle 12 week waves that range between 30 and 50 clients, with waiting lists up to a YEAR in advance! She’s comfortably making a 6 figure a year income with the Amazing 12 program and we’re very confident in saying that it’s only a matter of time before she becomes our first 7 figure income A12 coach!

Now THAT’S what real ’24 Hour Fitness’ looks like!