Motivation…change the station

Sometimes everybody does need a bit of motivation, a boost here and there to remind them why it’s all worth it, for our training in the gym, for our business, and for our families. But I’m seeing a ‘Motivation Dependency’ starting to develop in the strength and fitness community in recent years. Know this once and for all…THEE only way to achieve is to DO, full stop! While YOU the motivation addict are spending two hours crying into your protein shake and watching motivational videos on YouTube, the people who you are aspiring to be like are spending those two hours actually working toward their goal, whether they feel like doing so or not on that particular occasion, then actually starring in all the videos you just watched.

Motivation is overrated in its role in success. As I see it it’s WAY down the priority list of the 5 major ‘tions’. What the hell are the 5 major ‘tions’? I’m glad you asked, they are as follows, in order of importance in creating world class success:

1) Dedication

2) Calculation

3) Perspiration

4) Motivation

5) Inspiration

Inspiration, as I define it in reference to its role in becoming successful, is the moment of directional focus towards the goal. Motivation is the ability to enthusiastically decide you want to physically take your first steps towards the goal.

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Perspiration, within this context, describes the ability to exert and tolerate the appropriate amount of effort required to actualize the goal. 

Calculation refers to the vitally important ability to program and plan your progression towards the goal with enough expertise and ability to actually reach or exceed the goal (this is the area we take care of in our Amazing 12 certification). 

Finally we come to dedication, the most important of all and also, ironically, the area most likely to cause failure.

Dedication describes the ability to fully accept and commit to everything you will be required to do or give up, for as long as you are required to do or forgo it for, in order to achieve the goal. It describes the ability to never give up under any circumstances and to doggedly move towards the goal even when it’s nowhere in sight and to continue to do so until it is! It is with THIS final and most vital component of world class success where most people eventually capitulate. This process explains, at least in part, why talent is common but world class performance is exceptionally rare.

So, just to be clear for future reference, if YOU come to me and tell me you wish to be the best in the world then I expect motivation to be the least of your problems otherwise my abilities of ‘Calculation’ won’t be enough by itself.

If YOU are entertaining notions of being the worlds best at anything, but currently need to watch 2 hours of motivational YouTube videos and drink a litre of ‘pre-workout’ garbage just to muster the ability to get through an average workout or workday, then maybe it’s time to change the goal to something you actually love…not hate.

Stay strong,


(Paul McIlroy is the founder and creator of the globally successful Amazing 12 Body Transformation Business, a sports scientist and a strength & conditioning specialist who has developed national and world champions in various sports and disciplines, all from a square one starting point, in only 8 to 18 months in every instance. Leading from the front, Paul is also a lifelong athlete himself, competing against world class competition in 3 different sports).

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