A12 Coach Interview – Dave Whitley

In this weeks interview Dwayne speaks with former RKC/StrongFirst Master Instructor, author, professional strongman, professional wrestler, motivational speaker and A12 certification Coach David Whitley!

You’ll hear Dave discuss:

* What it’s like to be a Dad!
* How he first met Paul and how their friendship and professional relationship grew.
* What the FIRST A12 certification was like?
* How he QUADRUPLED his initial investment in the A12 within 5 months.
* Why Paul and the team almost died at the first American A12 cert in Nashville.
* How he rates Paul vs all the other world class coaches he’s worked with in his career.
* The power of interpersonal communication skills and the role they play in the A12.
* The power of real, cold, hard numeric improvement in sustaining client motivation.
* Why the simple process of getting physically stronger has such a profound effect on all
other aspects of a person’s life.
* Self limiting beliefs in life and in the fitness industry, how that’s affecting the quality of results and what the reality of the situation really is.
* What a new A12 coach gets from certying and why they should find out for themselves.
* Why working harder is NOT directly correlated with greater success in anything and what IS!
* Why there’s ALWAYS a market for exceptional results!